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We check your security so you can protect your company.

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Stay safe in a digital world

Most companies have no idea how healthy or unhealthy they are when it comes to online security. Does your organisation use digital systems, procedures, or tools? Then you should regularly check whether you are still sufficiently protected from security threats such as hackers, viruses, and data leaks. And since it is impossible to see your own blind spots, you need the help of an objective external partner. That’s where we come in.

A health boost for your security

We believe that every organisation deserves to be safe from cybercrime. That is why we aim to make digital safety accessible to all. Using a combination of cybersecurity techniques, we perform an objective security check-up. We look at your organisation through the eyes of a potential intruder and identify security gaps. Then we give practical advice on how to improve your security so you can better protect your valuable assets. In short: we give your company the ultimate security health boost.


Check your security

To stay ahead of hackers, you have to know how they think. We identify your weakness before someone else does.

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Improve your security

We check whether you are sufficiently protected from threats and tell you how to enhance your security level.

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Learn about security

Security is a team effort. Through training, we help you to increase the security awareness in your company.

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About Refracted

At Refracted, we believe that everyone has the right to be safe in a digital world. We dedicate all our knowledge and skills to making organisations more secure. Technical security is what we love, and that’s why we are good at it. You can rest assured that we will go the extra mile to protect your business.

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Who we work for 

Financial institutions

We make sure that they comply with regulatory oversight. 

Governmental bodies

We merge multiple systems securely.

Critical sectors

We help them navigate any geopolitical context. 


Large corporations

We assist them in creating a secure and agile workflow.


We protect the continuity of their operations at all times.  

Start-ups & SMEs

We show them how to avoid ransomware or other attacks.

Our spectrum of services

Our company name – Refracted – refers to the way light breaks up into different colours when projected through a prism. In a similar way, we use various cybersecurity techniques to protect your business: red teaming to check for your weaknesses, blue teaming to improve your defences, yellow teaming for better development. Organisations tend to depend on separate specialists for each function, which often leads to gaps where their domains touch. We involve all relevant colours in our mix, thus ensuring the best possible result.

Give your security a boost 

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We check your security so you can protect your company.
Because you deserve to feel confident and safe in a digital world.

For a healthy security

At Refracted, we believe that everyone has the right to be safe in a digital world. That is why we dedicate all our knowledge and skills to keeping your security systems healthy. Just like power fruit, we boost up your immune system and protect you from harm.